Ullah family represented at vigil for Ian Tomlinson

Comment from the filmmakers:

We truly believe where there is no justice there is no peace. We may have a gritty controversial approach but we need to get our messages out the working classes to awaken them to the realities.

Bill and Lilly send their regards and hope that you get justice for ‘Paps’ soon.

Kind regards, Maria Maloney
Producer www.pienmashfilms.com


One thought on “Ullah family represented at vigil for Ian Tomlinson

  1. This is a quote directly from the Justice for Ian Tomlinson website:

    Please note that we are not seeking donations to fund a civil action against the Metropolitan Police, as this is covered by legal aid. All donations received go directly to supporting the Tomlinson family and covering their expenses.

    I commend the Tomlinson family for their candid honesty. Whilst Legal Aid may cover the civil case against the Metropolitan Police, is it not wiser to privately hire a legal team to secure a solid result? In my experience, both personal and otherwise, although Legal Aid lawyers mean to do the best, at times, the financial constraints within which they are forced to operate, prevent their working efficacy.

    Might it not be best to open a fund for the financing of a private legal team to secure the conviction, which every right minded person in this country so desires? I myself would willingly donate £5 on a weekly basis. I believe many others would do the same, especially if publicity were to begin, instructing the public on the most effective ways to donate. After all, if 200,000 people were to donate £5, £1m would be raised.

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