Mental health ‘street triage’ scheme launched in South Bucks

police & mental healthsource: Bucks Free Press
published: 14 September 2015

A new street triage Scheme has been introduced across South Bucks, which aims to offer improved immediate support to those suffering ill mental health who call the police in a crisis state.

Starting from today, a mental health professional will be attending evening incidents with officers between 5pm and 4:30am in the Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks areas in order to offer expert advice and make accurate risk assessments regarding the care of the patient.

Police hope that the scheme will provide an alternative to the use S136 of the Mental Health Act, which gives them the power to detain someone found in a public space, suffering from ill mental health, if they believe them to be a risk to themselves or others.

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Habib Inquest Day Nineteen 2nd March 2015

Inquest Verdict - March 2015

Inquest Verdict – March 2015

‘We are pleased that we have a critical narrative verdict. It’s been an extremely difficult time for the family since my brother died at the hands of Thames Valley Police. What is so hard to accept is that it has taken almost seven years for an inquest to be completed into his death. All these years of fighting has taken a tremendous toll on the family.’

Yesterday was the last day of the inquest so after exactly one month from the first day of the proceedings we were finally at the end. It’s been a tough experience for the family but has given some closure as this time the inquest actually completed.

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Habib Inquest Day Eighteen 26th February 2015

Dec 2014 vigil

On Thursday we were taken through the test of unlawfulness and how it applies in an inquest setting and the test has been applied in the directions on law to the jury. Tony Metzer QC, on behalf of the family asked that there should be opportunity for the jury to add further information to the narrative and quoted a precedent for this from a recent inquest. Jury came back in and were welcomed in by the Coroner Richard Hulet.

A statement was read by a Kent Officer Adam Denny who is responsible for introducing a force policy for mouth searches for drugs for that force.

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