2012 Review


It’s been a tough 2012 for the family/campaign and a difficult six months in particular. A death of a loved one at the hands of the police has repercussions that impact on families for many years as they struggle to come to terms with what has happened. We are still awaiting a decision from CPS on whether there will be a criminal trial of those officers involved in Habib’s death

We had a successful Father’s day vigil in High Wycombe in June 2012 and linked up with other families/campaigns to mark this day:


In September we were notified that BBC Panorama wanted to interview family members about Habib and the role of the IPCC and ‘Watching the Detectives’  was broadcast on the 19th of November. As well as looking at the IPCC and Thames Valley Police’s conduct it included a revelation that the deputy chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission has asked senior investigators involved in Habib’s investigation to take a  ‘soft tone’ with the police officer’s involved

Read article here >


The programme can be watched on BBC iPlayer till November 2013: Click Here >

We got a great deal of media attention both locally and nationally with this going out:

Habib_Ullah_case_features_on_Panorama >

Who’s Watching The Detectives >

In September we attended the Azelle Rodney Public Enquiry in Holburn to give support to his family and show our solidarity: Click Here >

We also went public with the family of Philmore Mills to express our concerns about the revelations that came out regarding Hillsborough and that those very same corrupt police practices are still in place.


In October we attended the annual United Family & Friends Campaign (UFFC) Remembrance March with other families and campaigns. Due to family issues Habib’s immediate family could not attend but it was important for us to have a presence at this.

Campaign also attended the day of action for Jimmy Mubenga outside CPS offices in London. In November we spoke at a Justice-Injustice event in Birmingham looking at extradtions of British citizens such as Talha Ahsan and the nature of police and state injustice in this country. We also watched with great interest the elections for Police & Crime Commissioners and commentated on this through social media such as Twitter:

Justice4Paps on Twitter >

We were told very early on to keep a timeline of what the family/campaign have been involved with and have kept this updated every few months to we can record and document our struggle. Our Facebook group in particular has been key way of doing this: Visit page here >

ImageOn the 27th of December right at the end of the year we held a joint candlelit vigil with the family of Philmore Mills who died whilst being restrained by Thames Valley Police Officers in Wexham Park Hospital.

We had a 30-40 people attend in cold weather to mark the first anniversary of his death and Habib’s birthday on the 20th of December. His children and widow gave a card in to Slough Police Station:


Click image to read article

Images on Facebook (you may need to login) >

We hope that 2013 brings us closer to a final decision and hopefully a criminal trial but we look forward to continue to work with other families and will look to attend the  March 15th International Day against Police Brutality demonstration and United Family & Friends Campaign National Planning Meeting in Birmingham planned for the 16th.   

We’d like to thank all those who have supported and stuck with us through the the years in particular the other families and campaigns.

In July it will be five years since Paps’s death and we will be marking the day with our annual summer vigil and asking other campaigns to join us as we continue to ask WHY?

Saqib Deshmukh, Justice4Paps


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