Third anniversary vigil for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah

Habib Ullah & FamilyHabib Update: June 2011

Taking place on Sunday 3rd July 2011 4-7pm @ High Wycombe Police station.

3rd Year Leaflet 1 | 3rd Year Leaflet 2 | Habib Leaflet 2011

On Sunday July 3rd 2011 we will be holding the 3rd Anniversary vigil for Habib outside High Wycombe Police station between 4 and 7pm. It’s incredible to think that three years on the investigation into his death in a car park in the town has still not been completed. Recently his family have met the CPS and we are now aware that the police officers have been interviewed under criminal caution and the solicitor present will also be interviewed.

Please join us on the 3rd of July to express your support and solidarity with the family and the campaign. A flyer and a new information leaflet will be out shortly

Since Pap’s death in 2008 there have been other high profile deaths at the hands of the police such as Sean Rigg in Brixton and Ian Tomlinson in 2009, and most recently Smiley Culture in Surrey. We have supported their families and cases. On Saturday July 2nd Habib’s family and supporters will be travelling to Birmingham to support the family of Kingsley Burrell who died in suspicious circumstances after calling the police on the 31st of March 2011. There will be a March 4 Justice @12 midday on Abbey Road, Birmingham.

More details of Kingsley demo here  |  View the flyer here

If you can’t come to the vigils and demos above then please join the groups and ask questions about policing in your area. Those who regularly follow our page will know that there are deaths in custody occurring every week up and down the country. Lastly please sign the petition that the Smiley Culture campaign are promoting and get others to do so – it mentions Habib as well as the other notable deaths that have occurred.

One love & stay wise




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