HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 6: Monday 13th December 2010

14th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

Yesterday was an extraordinary day…

IPCC made a decision yesterday to reopen investigation which stems from police officers evidence and editing of their witness statements which were given on legal advice and in the presence of a Senior Officer and Police Federation reps. They are looking at possible misconduct charges around omission of key details that have not been submitted. This meant that the inquest needed to stop and the jury be discharged.

The decision vindicates the family’s and the campaign’s position from day one that events after Habib died were badly managed and fixed by Thames Valley Police but it is frustrating for us that the inquest ended as we felt we were getting somewhere. But if we get closer to a criminal prosecution of those officers it will be worth it but our lack of confidence (like many other families) in the IPCC is still strong and we are cautious about their motives.

Many thanks to Sean Horstead (barrister), Marian & Jules from Tuckers, Sana the interpretor, Victoria from Inquest and to all the people who attended over the 6 days of the inquest.

Candlelit Vigil

Please try and attend the candlelit vigil outside High Wycombe Police Station on Saturday 18th December 4-6pm to mark what would have been Habib’s 42nd birthday and support the family and campaign.

Every December on or before the 20th of December we hold a vigil and his children give in a birthday card to the police station.

If you can’t attend please put up messages on our FB page or on our website so we can read these out on Saturday.

Thank you on behalf of the family for your continuing support.


Other News:

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14th December 2010

Paramedic gives evidence at Habib Ullah inquest
14th December 2010


One thought on “HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 6: Monday 13th December 2010

  1. salaamz / folks how r u guys, hope ur all well and good, I’ve been talking to my mother and family / we are not happy at all. These 5 police officers are still working the ipcc are re opening the investigation.

    Under criminal law these officers should be suspended ..not on duty until the investigation is over. I will be speaking to my legal team in due course; we are very disappointed..

    It seemz to them it’s a big joke. they have taken some one away and thy are responsible for their actions on that day. We want answers.

    No justice no peace / brother of Paps / Raja. one love.

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