HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 5: Friday 10th December 2010

10th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

PC was seen ‘gripping the throat’ of Habib Ullah

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The last of the police officers gave evidence today and we hit the front page of the local rag (Bucks Free Press headline above – pics to follow). We then heard from a paramedic on the scene & Witness A, a woman who has special needs and is therefore seen as a vulnerable witness & whose statement delivered by video confirms that of one of Emma’s who was with Paps at the time of the search. Other witness statements in the vicinity were then heard and we started on the medical experts.

First week has been tiring, tense & sometimes inspiring. We have had to fight to get here and we are right now vindicates the position that we took early on. Those who were prepared to ‘allow it’ and those who made the prejudgement about Paps and his lifestyle need to think again. As his widow Mussarat says no one deserves to die like this.

We will continue to fight for her and her children. Big respect to Susan Alexander who came down today. She is the mother of Azelle Rodney who was shot dead by the police in 2005 (http://www.facebook.com/susiea81) & Harmit Athwal from IRR who came down for the second time

One love


Other News:

Police officer tells inquest why he was seen gripping Habib Ullah’s throat
11th December 2010


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