HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 3 & 4: 8th – 9th December 2010

8th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

‘He still had some life in him’

Another amazing day @ Habib’s inquest. More incredible stuff from a Senior Police officer who was at the scene who thought Paps was faking being unconscious! Spent most of the day listening to this one witness who was quite arrogant in his assertions.

We had a reporter from Channel 4 down today and more coverage in local newspapers. Bis shout to man like Lennox Carty, dub poet and all round good guy for coming & showing support. It is times like these that you find out who your real friends & supporters are.

Respect also to Victoria from INQUEST from coming down again and working with Habib’s young daughter who has also been attending. On average we get 12-15 people watching the proceedings which is positive and shows the coroner & jury that there is interest in this case.

It looks as if we will be going over the allotted days and be finishing next Thursday/Friday and we want a big crowd in to support the family as they hear the verdict.

Stay wise


Other News:

Detective advised to remove part of statement, inquest hears
8th December 2010


9th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

‘I don’t recall seeing that…’

Five police officers and one dead Pakistani man on the floor. Officers saying that they did not see this action or that activity even when they were over the body. All of them now begining to say that they felt Habib was ‘play acting’

Today was another tense and difficult day @ the inquest. Difficult for the family & friends who were there, who each day have to relive the death of Paps in excrutiating detail. Difficult for us to stay cool & collected in the face of Police Officers parading out the same old tired line

Need more numbers to come and sit with us and will spend some of tonight chasing people up.

We are on road less travelled so please join us if you can.


Other News:

Policeman thought Habib Ullah was “faking” injury, inquest hears
10th December 2010


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