HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 2: Tuesday 7th December 2010

7th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

‘Have you boys been rough today…’

Today was dominated by evidence from the Police witnesses who were called to the inquest. Earlier on the jury heard heartfelt statements from Sana the interpretor who read them out on behalf of his wife Mussarat Habib & his mum Hamida Bibi.

The first officer was cross examined for a number of hours by the family’s barrister Sean Horstead (big respect) and there have been some amazing revelations about how police statements were written. We also heard transcripts from police control room and ambulance staff (see the quote above).

Have to keep it fairly neutral & simple on here ‘cos we know that TVP are monitoring the group and no doubt our updates & messages.

Didn’t have the numbers that we had yesterday in the public gallery but respect to Ikraam Ullah for help with transport and attending today and it was good to see Cillis Victor from Newham Monitoring Project who shared his experience of previous inquests.

One love


Other News:

Inquest into death of Habib Ullah begins
7th December 2010


2 thoughts on “HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 2: Tuesday 7th December 2010

  1. salaamz / chapps hows u been. The inquest was going along how it should. Me, my mother, Musarat and the rest of da family wanted the inquest to carry on. Due to changing statements and editing and deleting / crucial evidence in the case.. the inquest was stoppd by the coroner. We as a family are not happy at all.

    We hav sat listening to how these officers restrained Paps also trying their own techniques and very stressing matters. what my bro went through.

    My mother had to listen to how my brother came to his death. It’s not acceptable they are responsible for Paps. The officers are supposed to protect the public not do what they have done. Why should my mother suffer and the whole family.

    My mother is not well at all since my brothers death, she is finding it very hard to move on. Also Musarat and the family its very hard for the kids, freinds. We as a family want a stop to the way officers restrain people before another person is dealt with the same way..

    They have to change their techniques. We want answers no lies. No justice no peace. We as the family will not stop doing our vigils and campaigns. We want answers. God bless my brother. He was a great guy, always happy would help anyone, would allways respect olders and others well loved by the family and kids.

    Missd so dearly Raja brother off paps …..one love…. Paps will always be in our prayers and thoughts. He will not be forgotten

    Brother Raja one love x

    • Salaamz . How r u folks every thing under control.. we’re doing a peacefull vigil tomorrow at 4pm to 6pm outside h/w. police station… it would off been Paps 42nd birthday.

      Me and the family and friends will be there. Daughters Maria and Natasha have a birthday card to give to the inspector on duty on that day. It’s goin to be cold guys so keep yourselves warm with suitable clothing

      Thanks very much to cuz Zia and Saqib. From day one they have stuck by us as a family and helped so much. My mother and family respects them for helping us in these hard times. What we are goin through.. Also thanks to cuz Tarik and his wife, they have been helping out a lot, and many more thanks to everyone who shows support to the family.

      Enough respect / one love. Raja x

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