HABIB ULLAH INQUEST DAY 1: Monday 6th December 2010

6th December 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

Today we had submissions from both legal teams & the Coroner set out the purpose of the inquest and how it will operate and the Jury were then sworn in.

Two of the witnesses who were there with Paps gave evidence and were cross examined by police and family barrister. Tomorrow we will hear the impact assessments from family members through an interpretor and Police officers who were at the scene will also be questioned.

Big shout to all that reached today. Leicester Highfields crew & Central Beds crew – good to see all these trainee youth workers attend and give us some good numbers.

What I will take away from today was the public gallery area being packed and five Muslim women at the front – Habib’s wife, daughter, mother, sister & auntie right in the front all of them wanting answers and justice…

Big thank you to:
Priya, Pravin, Hetal, Munaza, Tekla, Farah, Melissa, Khadijah, Chris, Jordan & Andrew’

Many thanks


Other News:

Police ‘threatened to break drugs suspect’s arm’
6th December 2010


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