Inquest to commence for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah

16th November 2010

Statement from the family of Habib Ullah:

Habib Ullah’s inquest will be held on 6th December to 15th December 2010 @ the Evreham Centre, Iver near Slough. We are looking for support for this in key ways:

1) Attend the inquest and pledge your support to come to one sitting – most days there will be a morning and afternoon session. Come and
support the family and the campaign.

2) If you cannot attend please put a message of support up on the
Facebook page or on the website.

We are looking to arrange transport from Wycombe to Iver each day and Evreham Centre is 5 minutes by taxi from Iver or Langley train station or 10 minutes from Slough British Rail.

After two and a half years Habib’s family have a chance to have some questions answered about he died and for police officers to be cross examined. We don’t hold too much hope but we are committed to ensuring that we use all the legal channels that are available to the family.

Please come and support if you are interested in how the legal system works (or doesn’t in some cases) and if you want to show your solidarity with the family.

One love



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