Report: Candlelit vigil 20th December 2009

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On the 20th of December we held a candlelit vigil outside High Wycombe Police Station to mark what would have been Habib’s 41st birthday.

There were 25-30 of us in total in icy and snowy conditions with the temperature well below freezing, but we made sure that the Police knew we were outside and giving the birthday card in was a poignant moment. Respect to all who attended in the cold. Thanks to those who sent messages of support and those who give apologies. It may have been -4 but we were feeling the warmth from all the people who came!

At the vigil Habib’s kids with his widow Mussarat gave a birthday card in to the police station with the following message:

‘We would have send this card to our Dad Habib this year. He would have been 41 yrs old today the December 20th 2009. It has been another year for us and another year he has not been in our life. Our birthdays and Eids have come and gone.

We have gone to the vigils and meetings and still there are no more answers to WHY he died and was taken away from us. But we will still come to the Police station and go to these vigils outside until we have answers.

Christmas and New Year is coming and this is a time when ALL families come together. But for our family it will be hard and I ask you to think about that when you are with your own families during this time.

We hope you continue to understand our wishes’

Mariah Ullah aged 12
Natasha Ullah aged 6
Amir Habib aged 3


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