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We are inviting as many of you who can possibly make it to a vigil and a public meeting in High Wycombe on July 3rd 2009 to mark the first anniversary/’bursee’ of Habib’s death.

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The vigil will be outside High Wycombe Police Station between 3-7pm followed by a public meeting 7-9pm at the Hub behind the Union Baptist Church on Easton St – literally a few minutes walk from the Police station. We want a big crowd outside the Police station to support the family at this time.

Mussarat, his widow, their children and other members of their family will be present. We have invited speakers from other campaigns such as Janet Alder, sister of Christopher Alder who died more than 10 years ago in Hull Police station and representatives from the Sean Rigg Campaign and the newly formed United Campaign Against Police Violence as well as local speakers.

Please try and do your very best to come down either for the vigil during the day or for the evening meeting or both. Thames Valley Police and the IPCC would really like us all to go away and forget about what happened to Habib and what has happened to the others that have died since last July across the country.

Deaths in custody since July 2008:

  • Simon Bosworth
  • Sharon Batey
  • Hipolit Konrad Leg owski
  • Sean Rigg
  • Mark Read
  • Andrzej Rymarzak
  • Janet Jackson
  • Kanwaldip Singh Bains
  • Marcus Cottoy
  • Amarjit Singh Chaudhri
  • Jonathan Pluck
  • Mervyn Tussler
  • Peter Murphy
  • Ian Tomlinson
  • Levi Rashid Goodman
  • Reece Staples

(Please note this list is not exhaustive and is up to 12th June 2009 and includes deaths in police custody and prisons/YOI’s)

We have set up an event page for vigils and public meetings on Facebook. If you are unable to make it please send messages of support to the family especially the children on the event page.

One love
Saqib Deshmukh


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