Campaign Update: Paps Birthday

Habib's ChildrenNews from the Campaign

The children and wife of Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah have send a birthday card for Habib to the Area commander and all Officers at the Police station.

Yesterday a few members of the campaign with the children, wife & mother of Habib went to the station (see new photos on Facebook page) to deliver the card with the message below:

‘We would have send this card to our Dad Habib this year. He would have been 40 years old today the December 20th 2008. We are very sad about what happened to him and it has been a very difficult time for us since July. Our Mum is still very upset and has found it diffifcult to cope. We have now gone through two Eids without him, his birthday and will now be without him this Christmas & New Year. On January 3rd it will be exactly six months since he was taken away from us.

We are not sure what 2009 will bring for us and our family but we still want answers, we want to know WHY? WHY it took so many officers to arrest him & WHY he died during this time.

We are not silly people, we know how the world can be both beautiful and cruel. We love the same things that you love and your children/all children love. The right to safety & security and not to feel scared of the Police when we see them now.

When our father died so much of future was taken away from us and without the support of extended family we are not sure what the future holds. We want to know what happened so we can grow up not being scared and to have some peace.

We hope you will understand our wishes and concerns’


Daughter – Mariah Habib aged 11
Daughter – Natasha Habib aged 5
Son – Amir Habib aged 2

Please continue to support the campaign in 2009  in any way you can. We are hoping to have a film screening of INJUSTICE a documentary about deaths in custody and a benefit concert to raise money for the campaign. In the next few months as we get updates from the IPCC investigation we will post them on Facebook and send them to you.

Seasons Greetings and remember (to use the words of Southall Black Sisters) – ‘Staying SILENT kills people…’

Justice for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah
December 2008

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