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It has now been nearly three months since Habib died during a supposed routine search of a vehicle and passengers. Whilst there has been some progress in the investigation of his death we are still concerned about the following:

  • Why the initial autopsy conducted by the Police on the 4th of July was conducted without prior knowledge or consent of the family and significantly without the IPCC being notified?
  • Only one of the autopsies states that there was a package found in the windpipe but the last IPCC interim investigative update suggests that the cause of death is inconclusive. We still await the toxicology report that will determine what level of drugs there was in his bloodstream.

  • That the IPCC had to conduct another autopsy under their jurisdiction which caused further distress to the family. We at the time stated that we had seen bruising to his body across the neck and the chest.
  • The family have not been informed as to the exact nature of the of the Section 9 investigation against the officers involved in the incident. Does this mean that the officers are suspended or does Thames Valley Police allow its staff to continue to be on duty even if they are under investigation?
  • That the procedure of officers writing statements collectively in regard to deaths or injuries whilst in police custody and in relation to the death of our brother has still to be challenged.
  • That our brother is continuing to being identified as a ‘drug dealer’ and that this is currently still being propagated by officers and needs to be seen as interference with the case.

We have had Imams in some of our centres be visited by officers who are giving this line. Habib was never charged or arrested for possession or supply of drugs but was a user, which was a personal issue for him and for us as a family.

We would like to draw attention to the fact that Habib was previously assaulted by Police Officers five months ago. A complaint was lodged with at the time with a duty solicitor and photographic evidence of injuries sustained was also submitted to the solicitor. A number of personal items belonging to him have only been returned now. We are concerned that the death of our brother is linked to this previous incident.

After almost three months of having to deal with such a tragedy we are still looking for answers to how our brother died.

We would like to thank all the supporters of the campaign who joined us on the march on the 9th of August and the many people joining the Facebook site that has been set up for Habib. We will continue to fight for the truth and for justice for his wife and children, his wider family and friends to ensure that nothing like this happens again in Thames Valley and across the country.


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